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Fabulous Vintage Nettie Rosenstein Satin Glass Micro-Beaded Clutch


This lovely clutch is by the very collectible designer, Nettie Rosenstein. It was most likely made in the 1950s or 60s and is magnificently encrusted on all sides with ivory satin glass beads. Front and back are identical, each with a little beaded pull tab to aid in opening the top. Inside is the gilt lettering "Nettie Rosenstein" and an ivory grosgrain lining. The interior is very slightly discolored along the top edge and has a minor pink stain on one side near the corner. Once you put your own belongings inside you will certainly not notice the spot but I feel it is important to mention. Also I did not attempt to clean it do there is a chance it would come out or at least lighten with the right treatment. The exterior, on the other hand, is in fantastic condition. However, this purse is roughly 60 years although the condition is good it is not brand new or perfect! Keep that in mind and do zoom in on the photos for reference.
The measurement from side to side is approximately 9-1/4" and from top to bottom is approximately 5". It truly is a beautiful and classic clutch! Wonderfully made and quite chic!

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