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The Most Unique Vintage Frosted Glass Swan Necklace


This is the most unique vintage beaded necklace! As any vintage collector knows, midcentury beaded necklaces are plentiful. But something like this is a real treasure! 
All of the beads are frosted glass and have a wonderful silky texture. The elongated beads that make up the strand are semi-transparent clear with ribbons of white. There are 5 stations of flower clusters which are in the prettiest shades of pink, purple and coral. Absolutely lovely muted shades! Then, the crown jewel, is a whimsical, elegant swan! Wow! The swan is frosted, translucent glass which captures the light in an ethereal way. 
The length of the strand is 16" and the swan, from top to bottom, is 2" long. Seriously, this necklace is amazing!

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