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Striking 1930s Black and Green Enameled Locket


This eye catching 1930s locket was evidently never used. In remarkable condition, it has survived these many decades with not so much as a scuff to its striking, black enamel. The brass has a beautiful warm tone and a rather complex design decorates the back panel. The front displays a glowing green glass cabochon surrounded by a flower-like halo studded with smaller glass cabochons in a complimentary shade of green. The chain measures 25" long and is quite likely to be the original pairing. A very special detail worthy of pointing out is the original placeholder paper found inside the locket. It's a very cool green with a metallic silver tufted pattern. So neat!! And such a wonderful glimpse into a long ago era when it seems everything had so much detail and was made with thoughtfulness and quality. The locket measures 1-5/8" inches across and can accommodate two 1-3/16" photos or mementos. As mentioned above, the condition is very, very good. The metal on the back does show minor signs of age with some light scuffing to the highest points. I feel it is quite unnoticeable and particularly because it is the back yet I want to be sure to point out any condition issues that may not be obvious in the photos. Furthermore, the chain can be shortened upon request. Just let me know!

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