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SALE! (was 135.00) Antique silver hinged bangle with ornate applied detail and red Vauxhall glass stones, circa 1900, hallmarked


20% off original price of $135!

I don't know the origin of this exquisite bangle. But the style leads me to believe it is either Middle Eastern or simply Middle Eastern inspired. 
It is highly decorated on both panels with medallions and scrolls. On the top panel is an applied section of 4 pinwheel-like links and 3 gorgeous red Vauxhall glass stones. The stones are securely prong-set and have a superior mirror-like reflection with facets on the top. The center stone has a small chip on the edge. However, the reflective nature of the stone is so dazzling that you only notice the imperfection when looking very closely. 
Each panel is hallmarked but even after consulting many jewelers, no one has recognized the mark. It has a traditional pin style closure with a split swag safety chain. Also worth noting is the unusual pinched end shape...rather than a perfectly circular bangle it pinches smaller at each end. Its hard to describe so I took a photo to demonstrate what I mean! 
The width is 7/8".

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