Jewel Fuel

Jewel Fuel, 2 oz, Travel Size


Hands down, the BEST jewelry cleaner I've ever used.

In search of a cleaner that was all natural and effective on fine and costume jewelry alike I decided to develop my own formula! 

After briefly experimenting in my kitchen with products I had on hand I settled on a unique recipe that uses only 4 natural ingredients. The result, I must say, is pretty unbelievable. 

I gave some bottles to a handful of customers to get a genuine, unbiased reaction and this is a sample of what I've been hearing:

"With one quick cleaning my diamonds go from dullsville to sparkle city!"

"When I used jewel fuel it was like rediscovering my jewels- I didn't know they had that much sparkle in them! And ADORE the subtle fragrance!"

"How does this work so well? As soon as I sprayed my rhinestone bracelet I saw a difference. It was immediate."

What I didn't expect is that not only does it give diamonds, gemstones and rhinestones an otherworldly sparkle but it removes stubborn corrosion or "greenies" on metal and can brighten tarnished silver without eliminating the patina.

This is a single batch product, homemade in Brooklyn. 

Two sizes available:

2 oz travel size for $8.00
4 oz home size for $15.00

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